Health Clubs and Gyms For Seniors

A lot of seniors belong to health clubs and gyms and the health benefits of exercising don’t diminish as you age. In fact they seem to become more important in helping you to remain healthy, active, and independent. How do you go about finding one appropriate for seniors?

First of all, there are a few senior-only health clubs, although they are few and far between. If there is one near you, it may be perfect, although many of my senior friends prefer working out in a mixed environment anyways. Since you probably don’t have a seniors only option, what should you look for above and beyond a comfortable, pleasant environment with a mix of equipment that you enjoy?

Does anyone on the staff have a certification in senior fitness or equivalent? Although not necessary, this is nice. The regular staff may be more than adequate. My gym for example is very popular with seniors yet no one carries a specific certification.

Do they offer senior specific or senior appropriate fitness classes? Although none carry the “senior” designation at mine, they have a range of low impact to medium impact classes, and quite a few seniors like the higher impact classes as well.

At last, and probably least yet still important, do they offer a senior discount? If not, they may offer a discount for a restricted time membership, for example one that that doesn’t include weekend or evening access. If you have a flexible schedule like many seniors, this might just be perfect!

-By: Harold Baldwin

Harry writes on home and fitness topics. See his most recent articles at wire closet organizer including closet organizer systems for details. He is not a senior yet although many of his friends are.

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